1950's - 1970's
Since the 1950's we've been known as the "bumper people".    In the early days our team of straighteners, polishers and platers,operated 24 hours a day, from our downtown Cincinnati plant overlooking the river.   With thousands of bumper cores on hand, we were able to build a large inventory of finished product, ready for exchange without the wait.
Our high quality standards drew the attention of  luxury coach builders such as Hess & Eisenhardt.  Our work appeared  on the finest of automobiles, including a couple of Presidential limousines.

1980's - 1990's
During this time period we increased our capacity for processing smaller items, as well as polishing stainless, and plating die cast parts.  In addition to processing recycled items we began a line to process new bumper stampings.  Our founder Don Gorman Sr. was one of the pioneers of high quality collision replacement parts for the aftermarket.   By the mid 1990's we were supplying aftermarket sheet metal, aftermarket bumpers, reconditioned wheels, and re chromed bumpers, to body shops from  three  distribution warehouses in Ohio and Kentucky. 

During this time we relocated the chrome plating plant to our current 5.5 acre facility in the Pleasant Ridge area of Cincinnati.  With our new facility we were able to increase production and introduce plating on aluminum.

2000 - 2012

In early 2000 we sold our aftermarket parts division, and changed the name of our chrome plating operation from P-G Products to D-G Custom Chrome.   Our quality was in high demand, and in addition to providing plating for the automotive aftermarket, we began plating OEM heavy truck bumpers.   Our reputation for delivering quality polishing and plating for custom/restoration parts, led us to become the plating company of choice for re-sellers, as well as other chrome plating shops.

2012 - 

Realizing there was increasing demand for better than original quality finishes for restoration projects, we shifted our focus away from production jobs.  We currently are providing show quality polishing and plating for individuals, restoration shops, antique dealers and more.  Our work can be found on concours entries, on museum pieces, as well as in the garages and homes of clients that value superior quality.
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